The Clean Phone

"The Clean Phone PRO" Advanced UV Sanitizer and Wireless Charger, with BONUS N95 Masks, Car Charger and Essential Oils

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Your phone is a vector for the transmission of disease. It's time to get it clean!


Why The Clean Phone PRO?


  • 9 lights mesh and 99.9% bacterial elimination. 
  • Independent Wireless Charging that can be used while other items sanitize inside.
  • QC3.0 High speed adaptor and charging cable for lighting fast phone charging.
  • Fast sanitizing. 1 minute quick clean mode and 5 minute thorough clean!
  • Larger interior compartment. Fits all phone sizes and additional household items.
  • New safety feature: UVC lights will not turn on unless the lid is closed.


Eliminate dangerous germs and bacteria while charging with the Clean Phone PRO UV Sanitizer. Clean other household items like jewelry, watches and car keys. You can even use it to disperse essential oil aromatherapy while it works!

Using UV-C lights, the Clean Phone PRO kills up to 99.9% of bacteria from every exposed surface, even the hard to clean ports and crevices found on popular devices without using liquids, heat or corrosive chemicals.



Charge and sanitize at the same time! Utilizing ultraviolet light to disinfect delicate items such as cell phones, earbuds, watches and more, the Clean Phone PRO UV Sanitizer eliminates up to 99.9% of surface viruses and bacteria. The safe,  UV-C disinfection lights kill germs and bacteria in hard to clean areas such as charging ports and crevices without heat, liquids or harmful chemicals to promote health and reduce risks of infection.

With the wireless charging plate on the top of the Clean Phone PRO, you can easily charge your phone while sanitizing other items or simply use the Clean Phone PRO as your convenient, go-to charging station.



Generously sized, the UV sanitizing case is compatible with most cell phones including independent wireless charging capabilities for both iPhone and Android. The large case easily holds watches, earbuds, glasses, jewelry, keys and more.



When you're done cleaning your phone, use The Clean Phone PRO sanitizer to clean other items that carry bacteria and viruses like jewelry, watches, wallets and car keys. 



Easily fitting in a handbag, tote or briefcase, the phone sterilizer is compact and lightweight for on-the-go use. The sterilizing case includes a USB power cord for connecting to a wall outlet block, a laptop or computer, power bank or USB outlet.


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- UV-C Sanitizing Device
- Type-C Power Cable and QC3.0 power adaptor for high speed charging
- Fits phones up to 7" long. (Will fit the latest iPhone plus sizes and Samsung Note + sizes)
-Interior Dimensions: 3.94" wide x 7.17" long x 1.57" deep

The Science Behind UV-C

Extensive research has been done exploring the effectiveness of UVC light in killing bacteria and inactivating viruses. Here are some excerpts from a few notable studies:


New Study Calls UVC Light A "Game Changer" In Fight Against Virus

In an article published by Columbia University titled "Could a New Ultraviolet Technology Fight the Spread of Coronavirus?" researcher David Brenner said he believes far-UVC light—safe for humans, but lethal for viruses—could be a ‘game changer.’

From the article:

"The research team’s experiments have shown far-UVC effective in eradicating two types of airborne seasonal coronaviruses (the ones that cause coughs and colds). The researchers are now testing the light against the SARS-CoV-2 virus at Columbia in a biosafety laboratory, with encouraging results, Brenner said.

The team previously found the method effective in inactivating the airborne H1N1 influenza virus, as well as drug-resistant bacteria. And multiple, long-term studies on animals and humans have confirmed that exposure to far-UVC does not cause damage to the skin or eyes."


Inactivation of the virus that induces severe acute respiratory syndrome, SARS-CoV published in the Journal of Virological Methods

In this study, UV-C light was used effectively against the virus that induces SARS-CoV.


Columbia University Medical Center Study Shows The Effectiveness Of UV-C light to check the spread of seasonal epidemics.

In this study, aerosolized H1N1 virus—a common strain of flu virus—was released into a test chamber and exposed to very low doses of 222 nm far-UVC light. The far-UVC light efficiently inactivated the flu virus.

“A safe and efficient method for limiting the transmission and spread of airborne-mediated microbial diseases, such as influenza and tuberculosis ... and unlike flu vaccines, far-UVC is likely to be effective against all airborne microbes, even newly emerging strains.” David J. Brenner, PhD, the Higgins Professor of Radiation Biophysics at the Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons and director of the Center for Radiological Research at Columbia."

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:


Do I need to flip my phone over to sanitize on both sides?

No. There are small risers on the bottom that allow light to pass under flat surfaces. If you’re cleaning something soft & foldable, it’s advisable to reposition & clean again after one cleaning


Is the light harmful to phones or other items I want to clean?

No. The light will not harm your phone or other items that fit inside. Do not use on living beings or camera film.


Do I need to remove my phone case?

If you do not usually remove your case, it’s not necessary. However, if you want to clean both your phone and your case fully, removing the case and cleaning the two separately will produce the best results.


Does wireless charging work with every phone?

No. Wireless charging doesn’t work for all phones. iPhones starting with the iPhone 8 Plus and later support wireless charging. Many newer Android phones (and most new Samsung phones) support wireless charging. Wireless charging is a bit slower than standard charging.


Can I sanitize anything that fits inside?

Yes. You can sanitize anything that fits inside. For any medical devices always refer to CDC and FDA guidelines.

Customer Reviews

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Donna Auger-DeVoe
Love clean phone pro

Love the sanitizing element, charging and ease ofvuse.

Poor customer service

I received one as a gift and I have no issues with the 1 minute sanitizer function. The 5 minute sanitizer function will not work however. I understand some products may have problems, which is normal as long as they are remedied therefore the reason I give 2 stars is I have tried all avenues of customer support available and have not had any success with this issue. I have called, emailed and used the chat function and have been told that I cannot be helped with this or to send more info and when I do no one responds. I just want the product replaced so it works properly and the company is not helping in any way. (I know it says 5 stars up top but the site won’t allow it to post unless it appears to be a good review).

Carissa Cardwell
Clean Phone Pro!

So happy to have made the purchase! I pop my keys & phone in as soon as I walk in the door. So convenient and knowing the two dirtiest things I carry around are sanitized is priceless. I like it so much I bought them as Christmas gifts too. So glad to purchase products that support JTN!

John Meuse

Bought as a Christmas gift. Can’t review now

Joseph Samocha
You Asked

The size was the driving factor for this over competitors; well, that and similar reviews. I was willing to take the chance on an low power UV-C source killing most common bacteria and viruses, even if not capable against SARS-Cov-2, because of being an enclosure. (Way underpowered for a wad,) I have no way to measure the job it is doing; I am going on articles about the class of device. The top Qi charger is slow, to which they admit in the paperwork that comes with the unit. Oils were viewed as lagniappe and we've not tried them.